If Walls Could Talk

This I saw on a wall in Milan, and took the picture with my phone.
I had completely forgotten about it until I went through the pictures today.
The best camera is the one you have with you.

Here We Go

Ok, so, these are very awkward and politicly incorrect pictures – that for us is hilarious.
It’s taken from the greatest after-party ever, and so, I couldn’t keep them to myself.

We start at the very beginning – which was the end of work. I made a dirty ‘truth or dare’ paper fortune teller and we’re off! But first – get some food!

First, choose your poison from the pink origami of fun:

Most of these pictures were not actually an assignment so much as an act of inspiration (a.k.a. beer)
Such as swallowing of hands:
This is what it looked like when Sandra was Lars, and Lars was Sandra:

And of course we made art
This…. I can’t really explain, it was taken a bit later in the evening (read: morning)
And so that concludes that after-party, we’ve had a lot of them – but this was really something special!


Ok, just got back from, well, beer – and found out that one of my pictures has been published in Norway’s biggest newspaper VG! The article is about the break-up between Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergström. Are Grongstad, who I took the pictures of, is a friend of Tora Uppstrøm Berg.


Afterparty with a twist

Ok, so I finished work at around 02 AM, but wasn’t home until 08, and I have some very graphic photos to prove it. But first, wanted to give you a little taste of what we were up to. More to come.


Angels & Demons

Mixed Messages

Forbypels.no (Forbid fur. Norwegian organisation)
 “Hell is Other People”.
Wanna loose weight? Jenny’s healthy & happy program is right here! I’m thinking…no.

               And this is something I’ve seen several places now. Anyone know the story behind it?


So, I’m stuck at work with a camera and a computer – but with nothing to connect them with. Therefore I thought I’d show ya a picture photographer Dag Veivåg took for the 100% exhibition in Oslo. “Men who show emotion”. This is one of the outtakes.

I love – parks

A bit misleading headline there I feel – but this is what I got from going to Frognerparken today.

Also, on my way there I found some more graffiti and tall buildings. Very urban :p

Afterparty with just a hint of crazy

I got love for Dattera

One thing everyone need to have is a happy dance! Lars just happens to be an expert. Something like a phenomenon!

Did anyone say politically incorrect? Ah, whatever – we’re just weird in general. 

Shout-out to Lars, Sandra and Kine for creating magic and weirdness over beers and a camera. Love.

Penis Pokey!

I was recently in Milan, didn’t really learn italian, didn’t really do a lot of pictures, but – I found the greatest book ever, with a big hole in the middle. Steffen, you’re lucky I didn’t steal it sweetheart.
Here’s a few pics.

                                     Can you guess what to put where? I did, and I did. Love.

I love – FFFound.com

If you’re like me – in love with photography and graphic design, then you probably have a few blogs you check out on a daily basis, and chances are you already know about FFFOUND.com
But if not, check it out already! Here’s a little taste of all the loveliness you’ll find.

                                 It’s all about the outfit – a zebra is the new man-purse

Who needs Nintendo Wii anyway?
Of all the stones in all the world, I had to get the flying one. Damn.

100 %

So – as many of you (hopefully) know – the graduating class from Nordic School of Photography has an exhibition at Østbanehallen in Oslo, Norway, from the 9th ’til the 23rd of April. The entire exhibition is about psychic health and has gotten a lot of great reviews and publicity! Today I was there guarding the place and used the time to show ya a little taste. If you’re in Oslo – go check it out! If not – check out the website http://100prosent.com

I love – shoots

So, first blogpost – damn pressure! Fuck it. Here’s some lovely pictures from a shoot I did this monday for an article about Are Grongstad – a norwegian handball player. I based the look on early Marlboro ads.  

First page – double spread

Page 3 and 4

Page 5

Page 6 and 7
The day before, me and my friend Chimen went out to look for locations. We did a lot of test pictures in preparation of the shoot. Take a look
Test pictures & professional pictures