Backyard Party

Yesterday was the birthday celebration for a friend of mine, so the backyard was decorated with balloons, cards, lots of fantastic barbeque food, live music, and of course – good friends.

I got love – for Dattera

I’m going out with a bang – the bang being afterparty @ Dattera. Yesterday was (probably) my last shift there so we had to do a bit of Dirty Dancing and throw back some beers. I have an incredible amount of pictures but don’t have the time right now to go through them all – so for now, I’ll just leave you with this one:

Thanks to everyone at Dattera for making me an alcholic and I love you all. If this was my last shift – it certainly wasn’t my last afterparty! Ciao darlings.

Martine Marbel covershoot

So I sent over the pictures from the photo-shoot with Martine Marbel to Universal Music. They went for 5 pictures including a cover for her next single! They wanted the cover in black & white, but I also liked the version with a vintage colour scheme look. What do you like?

New Single, scheduled for release in June: Martine Marbel – Fix this

Peeping photographer

Was at a birthday-party on sunday – safe to say it was a lot of fire, meat and sambucca – those pictures I’m keeping in the vault, but Tweety bird and Helle’s legs on the other hand: Love. 

Creating Kodak-moments

Yesterday I was quite the busy bee, assisting photographer Adam den Haene from 10 AM to 7 PM and then running off to my own photo-shoot with Norwegian artist Martine Marbel – finished sometime past midnight.

Adam den Haene was the photographer for an editorial that’s gonna be published in Massiv magazine this fall. Styling by Erlend Elias Bragstad. Don’t really know what I can share about that shoot – so for now I’m just gonna show a couple of pictures from Adam’s earlier work:

Also, the photo-shoot with Martine Marbel went really well. A few promo pictures and a possible cover for her next single, coming out soon. Will post the edited pictures as soon as I can. 

Check out Martine’s blog: Martine Marbel

Milan tesoro, Milan

Yesterday we finally got an OK from the landlord, so as of July – I’ll have an apartment in Milan! 
But I can’t do Milan, and fierce apartment, without these guys:

Elin, Steffen & Sanna: Ciao roommates! Love.
Took these pictures from one of my earlier trips to Milan, of course at an after-party, which I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be having a lot of.
So now I only have to learn Italian and become a successful photographer, and then, after lunch, 
I’ll party.

Studio Work

Managed to get a bit of retouching done before going to work. These are pictures of Kristina Knaben Hennestad, Norwegian actress, whom I also went to school with back in the day. Hope you like.

And, when I find the time, I’m gonna show you the rest. 

Oh lordy lord, I need time to retouch

This tuesday I was  in the studio, again, and did a shoot with my fabulous make-up artist Kine who did body-paint on the model. She was completely covered in gold. But again, I need time to retouch them! Also there’s some cool studio-pictures from last week as well.

Right now I have to run out and take care of some paperwork, but thought I’d leave a little sneak-peak of the look from tuesdays shoot.

Also, as usual – I’m the testmodel

Avenue Models

Today I stopped by my modeling agency in Norway, Team Models – and I found out that the Swedish modeling agency in Gothenburg wanted to represent me! So as of today, I’m also a part of Avenue Models. Loves.


As I’m currently in Gothenburg with friends (and didn’t bring my computer), I can’t show you the cool things I’ve photographed yet. But, I thought I’d show just an iPhone picture;

Today we were vintage-shopping, and I noticed that the whole area looked kind of retro – much to do with cute things like this:

I’m gonna post all the weid, the cool and the fun pictures from Gothenburg when I get back next week.
Look out.


Studio shoots

Here is a couple of finished pictures from the photo-shoot I had on tuesday with actress Yngvild Støen Grotmol ( She needed some promotional pictures and we did a few looks for her. One of the looks was the 50’s style (I have that one in colour as well, but I loved the more black & white feel to it) and the second one is a more basic, sweet headshot. In total we chose 7 pictures, and I’m still working on the rest. Also, today I did another photo-shoot with another actress, it went really well and we ended up with a bunch of pictures I’m gonna get done later on.

Gay without a Pearl Earring

Ok, so yesterday I had a photo-shoot, this time as the photographer. Now, these pictures aren’t done yet – but always when I do a photo-shoot in a studio, I use myself as a model for getting the right lighting.

And since I liked one of these test pictures, I put one out on Facebook.
Only, a good friend of mine – Steffen – quickly saw an odd resemblance;
“Girl with a Pearl Earring” – a 1665 painting by Johannes Vermeer.

I dunno, maybe I just need to buy some earrings.
Oh, and look out for the real photo-shoot pictures, coming soon.
My good friends Elin & Sanna ( was recently in Florence where they saw this
So apparently, I’m famous :p

Art @ Dattera til Hagen

Yesterday was the opening of Dattera til Hagen’s new entrance hall. It’s design was made by Mattias Edström, Hanna von Bergen and Thisbe Verner-Carlsson. They did a fantastic job and I drank a fantastic amount of beer (look out for those pictures later).

On the way

These are just a couple of pics taken on the train, going to Gothenburg. I didn’t have the guts to take too many pictures because my camera is a bit noisy. But here’s a couple at least.


Modeling job

Yesterday I went to Gothenburg, Sweden, to do a modeling job early today. The pictures won’t be published until July but I think they’re gonna look great. I took these pics with my iPhone when I wasn’t in front of the camera. My co-model was a beautiful swedish girl named Arwen.

I got love – for friends and coffeeshops

I have a lot of pictures from cafés, mostly because I spend so much time there with friends,  drinking coffees, beers or whatever poison we’re into that day. These pictures were taken earlier this week.
My dear friend Mona, whom I don’t get a chance to see very often.

Under Construction

After some feedback from photographer Damian Heinish, I decided it was time to give my homepage a makeover. Still, I’m not a web designer so it’s a slow learning process. Here’s a couple of screenshots from the new design I’ve started working on – the idea is to make it look simple, professional, and let the pictures speak for themselves. The adress is

Front page
I appreciate any feedback – criticism and good ideas you might have. 
If you know about web-design, feel free to volunteer for this project 😉


Yesterday I was working, but a few of my friends stopped by – among them the beautiful Vibeke.
Here’s a picture I took of her last time we turned one beer into a whole evening of champagne, wine, beers and crashing on our friends couch. Love.
And today I was to work as well, but got sick. 
Still, I managed to take a quick trip to the park for some fresh air and found a leftover portal key to the Kingdom of Narnia: