Subway snack

Crazy times calls for no blogging, as of sunday I’ll be living in Milan. Hopefully I’ll actually be packed and ready by then. This picture was taken on my way home last week after I took some bodypaint pictures that make-up artist Kine Berg did (look out for those later).

Also, I took some more pictures this week, and I finally got my new mac – so I’m connected and all is well in the world once again, or something like that. Gonna be putting out (haha) – some more stuff later on. Cheers.

Pee Aaahr

Some PR news from my part. The promotional pictures I took of Martine Marbel is coming in handy when it’s single-release time, and (cool Norwegian website of entertainment news) recently posted an article about her:

So now, just look out for her new single “Fix This”, scheduled release July 2nd.
Get a little taste:

Project Runway, no sorry, photo-shoot

Yes, so I’m finally done with the fashion-shoot (though not the retouching part). We had our second shoot yesterday and I had my posse there doing their magic. After incredible heat and sunshine all day it had to get clody, windy and did I mention; freezing!

I don’t have a lot of sexy, interesting “behind the scenes” pictures, because I have people for that! (word) But here’s a couple of tests though, and I’ll show the finished series real’ soon.

One freezing model
And one happy stylist (who brought wine)

This is what a test-shoot looks like

On monday I was out, finally, doing the test-shoot for my fashion-spread project. It was raining all last week so it was good to get som nicer weather in time! Sandra was there to be my assistant. Mostly, she was smoking, carrying my coffee and chewing bubble gum while I was having a mental breakdown. Still fun though. And I have better grasp at what I’m gonna do for the actual shoot.


Yes indeed preparation. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done before I move to Milan later this month! One of them is to do a shoot next week, that will involve about 15 people I guess. Here’s a little clue of what it’s all about:


I’ve been crazy busy working on the nursery, now it’s finally done! What do you think?

No bedroom is complete without a boogie monster
You also need a bed, not necessarily one that’s horisontal
Some lovely closets maybe

and finally, a hairy dead friend.

That’s no Pussy

Yesterday I was carefree, dirty and a bit drunk in the park with a couple of friends. Finally – it’s summer in Norway, though it usually lasts for about two seconds. Our bodyguard happened to be Whisky, not whisky as in Jack – but this guy:

When I got back my Mac died (the huge amount of coffee that fell over/in it, might have something to do with that). 
So now – I’m fucked. 
So tonight – I’ll probably get fucked up.

The Real Photo Booth

Today, me and my roomate – Cecce – went out to enjoy the long-awaited summer in Oslo! And to celebrate we thought it would be fun to do something real vintage – the good, old, photo booth:

We also made the annual ‘Hugh Hefner; balcony as a bed’ -look for summer. 
Looking forward to a lot of late nights with friends and wine here.