Saturday Morning

So, I fucked up my shoulder this weekend and spent most of my time in a hospital in Milan. FUN!
Therefore, writing is a bit tricky a the moment since it was my left should that took a pounding (I’m lefthanded). But feeling better and after 3-4 more days I will be back in business!
Just thought I’d show you some morning love, my friends Nadine & Steffen




Doing some deleting in my massiv imagestorage on the harddrive and keep finding cute photos that I’d forgotten about, like this one, taken in march, during the insane cold winter in Norway:

I Will Survive!

Last night me and Steffen had a great night out (like we do), and between bars we found a gorgeous little fountain and went swimming (with clothes I might mention). Then we went to another place (and they actually let us in) were we got some free Tequila. It’s the perfect way to survive the heat in Milan: drinks and fountains!

Haabesland_foto 1_123 Haabesland_foto 2_124

Blame it on the Sun

Another hot, sunny day in Milan. Amazing how some people make it look comfortable. 
Btw, the unsharp edges are not photoshopped, it’s all about putting stuff in front of the lens 😉 

Floor Party

Me and my fabulous model-neighbour Nadine had another little photoshoot.
It’s amazing if you get anything done in this fucking heat in Milan, mostly we drink wine and laugh a lot.

I like that last picture better in BW though. What do you think?


So this is how it looks when two drunk people – one being a fantastic model and the other a “hur bra som helst”-photographer decides to do a spontanious photo-shoot in our fabulous appartement.

Molto Caldo

And we’re off, celebrating nothing and everything in our fabulous appartement. It was especially fantastic that our neighbors across the hall turned out to be friends of ours. 
Disaronno, photo-shoots and “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Loves.
“A coo coo’s nest”, a.k.a. fabulous silver clock, and Steffen – a.k.a. coo coo. 
Around the world in one after-party:


Io Sono Alexander

So, in Milan still trying to figure out how to talk Italian, resulting in a lot of interesting food choices and “conversations”. Milan is a complete sauna these days so haven’t been able to bring myself to go out and take pictures just yet. So for now I’ll just leave you with a picture of Steffen – my roomate. One of the few people who actually sleeps as a model – a.k.a. sleep-posing.

But then he wakes up an blossoms yet again:

‘Behind the Scenes’

The ‘Tarot’ shoot was divided into two days, on the first day I only had to do 2 pictures, and I had the great Dag Veivåg with me as my assistant, he filmed and took some photos along the way.
(The second part of the shoot will be out later with extras).
For ‘The Hanged Man’ I had the model get in the cold water and then lay perfectly still on some very uncomfortable rocks.

Then I placed a poor little chair on those rocks and balanced on it with my camera lifted as high as possible. It all worked out in the end, but it could have very easily gone terribly wrong.

Prepping the model:
Please don’t let me die:
‘The Fool’ however was a much easier picture to get
And then this:

became this picture, among others: