So it seems that it can take a while before I can release the pictures from the shooting last week but figured I’d show you an outtake.
Giada (from was fantastic to work with and she’s so beautiful.
(Hence the modeling career, obviously).

Blowin’ in the Wind

So, no updates the last couple of days because I’ve been working like crazy on  the pictures for the Prêt-à-Porter line that’s due tomorrow. Now I’m definitely going to bed. 34 pictures – done! 
For now – I’ll just leave you with these outtakes from the park last week. 
Buona notte. 

Guys, girls, parc and a vent

Just another lovely sunday afternoon in the parc with friends, loves, home made pancakes, and a vent.

But there were fuckloads of mosquitos there
So we decided to move, and found a fantastic vent a.k.a. air-condition and bug-repellent!


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, part II

And what better way to finish this post, than with this picture? 


Maybe I need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep

Just got back from Munich, haven’t really slept and I feel like this:

Unfortunately, I do not look like this, I’m more in the train-wreck area thank you.
Gonna post some cool photos from the Tom Rebl @ Munich Fashion Week tomorrow and thereafter some cool and weird stuff from the backstage/hotel area. Loves.

Friends, Lovers or Nothing

This week my wonderful, fabulous friend Siri has been visiting me in Milan. She has gotten first hand experience with all the wonderful mosquitos and dangerous drinks, Milanese people know which ones I’m talking about. She’s leaving tomorrow for Norway and I’m leaving for Munich, Germany (Fashion week). Gonna do a lot of pictures and show later on. Fabuloso!

Under my umbrella

Once upon a time it rained in Milan. It lasted for about 30 minutes. That was a good day.

11/08-10 UPDATE: The day after this post, and it’s a fucking rainstorm in Milan! Maybe I actually control the weather? Interesting. 

‘Strange Dresses’

These dresses by Maison AboutforAbout, called ‘Strange Dresses’ will soon be available on their online store. Italian super blogger Chiara Ferragni ( was the model and she was fantastic!
Later on I’ll be doing the entire Lookbook for the new clothes and also an exiting line of Pret-a-porter, all done be the talented people at Maison.
These are the pictures from the shoot with Chiara, 15 pics, 5 pics per outfit:
Outfit no 1

Outfit no 2
Outfit no 3

The Blonde Salad, Maison AboutforAbout, Tom Rebl

Had a fantastic night last night. First I did a photo-shoot with Chiara Ferragni, one of Italy’s most famous bloggers: She’s wearing altered dresses from Maison AboutforAbout, an exiting clothing brand with a base in Milan, more about that next week after she’s published my pictures on monday. After the shoot, I met with some fabulous people who run the showroom for Tom Rebl in Milan, we danced, laughed, talked, and will hopefully do a project with them later on. These pictures were taken after a few Negroni’s, but thought they were pretty cool 🙂

Take a Moment.

100 blogposts, fantastic!
It’s a lot of fun and it’s great to get so much nice feedback from people who’s following. 
I’m gonna keep at it and the blog will hopefully only get better and bigger. 
(If you like it, invite your friends)
Thought I’d just post as normal and show these pictures I took yesterday.

Francesca Woodman

Yesterday I was walking around a bit taking pictures and I saw this fantastic poster advertising a photo-exhibition by photographer Francesca Woodman (1958-1981). She took fantastic self-portraits and had a way of viewing the world that changed the world of art photography forever. If you’re in Milan – check it out!

I love the way posters curl up and when it’s combined with other things like branches or grafitti.
Check out the original picture, and several others here
And while we’re at it, here’s a couple more street-pictures I took yesterday:


Ray of light

1st of August and we’re all a bit sleepy after last night. Milan is good today, a.k.a. you won’t die from the heat, so going out later. Steffen made trashy breakfast while the rest of the house pretended to be bears during winter.

UPDATE: The picture won the “Export of the week” at Björn Borg, check it out: