Fotografi & Bilder Nordic

I’m in the new issue of ‘Fotografi‘ with an interview and some selected work. If you’re in Norway (and understand Norwegian) make sure to get a copy. 
The photography school ‘Bilder Nordic‘ in Oslo where I did my photography education, published the online version of this interview as a part of their follow-ups of talented students.
Click on the image below to read the interview at their site


So May/June has been really busy – which is perfect for me. I have 2 editorials coming out next month, working with a few designers and doing as well some test jobs with new talents. Soon I’ll be able to put some of these works up. Looking forward to showing what I’ve been up to!

In the meantime, here’s another interview. Click on the image to read it

Susan Tabak: "The up-and-comers"

Recently I gave an interview for Susan Tabak.
She is a noted style expert, the author of Chic In Paris: Style Secrets & Best Addresses,
 and publisher of the popular fashion and lifestyle website 
Read the whole interview by clicking the image underneath.

The up-and-comers: Alexander Habesland, fashion photographer