Fallen Leaf Lake

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Recently came back from an amazing trip to Lake Tahoe. On the last day we went to Fallen Leaf Lake, which we found out was the place where Kevin Costner brought Whitney Houston for safety in The Bodyguard (OK, that’s not really relevant, just some gay trivia for ya). It’s just spectacular views all over, and I can’t wait to go back. I did some photos in the water (without a protective case mind you, a.k.a. asking for trouble) but the couple photos of Alex and me were taken by our friend MJ Centeno (pictured in the last image).

Guys, girls, parc and a vent

Just another lovely sunday afternoon in the parc with friends, loves, home made pancakes, and a vent.

But there were fuckloads of mosquitos there
So we decided to move, and found a fantastic vent a.k.a. air-condition and bug-repellent!


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, part II

And what better way to finish this post, than with this picture? 


Saturday Morning

So, I fucked up my shoulder this weekend and spent most of my time in a hospital in Milan. FUN!
Therefore, writing is a bit tricky a the moment since it was my left should that took a pounding (I’m lefthanded). But feeling better and after 3-4 more days I will be back in business!
Just thought I’d show you some morning love, my friends Nadine & Steffen