Essential Homme (editorial)

My new editorial for Essential Homme magazine has now been published!
It’s in the July/August issue and available in print and web version.
All looks from Dior Homme fall ’12 collection.
Styling by Ellen Mirck.
Grooming by: Ania Melnikovs
Photo assistant: Jose Isaias
Styling assistant: Ortal Assis
Models: Pawel Bednarek at Independent Men Milan, Theo Hall at D’Men Milan
Special thanks to Alessia Gianvecchio for the horse and the location


Essen – A Taste Magazine

A couple of weeks ago I did an editorial for Essen Magazine. They combine the world of fashion with food and drink. They hired me to do an editorial where the idea was that there would be pictures of food in the photos, in black and white, and the clothes would have the colour of that particular food. Take a look at some of the photos underneath (you can see the whole editorial here).
2D Food

Photographer Alexander Habesland | Fashion Editor Francesco Stefanelli | Stylist Veronica Mazziotta | Make-up artist:
Luca Cianciolo@CloseupMilano | Hair stylist: Elisa Flotta 
| Model Haijin Ye @Joymodels

Men’s Fashion Week Milan 2012

During this Men’s Fashion Week in Milan I was working with WHITE Milano. They organise the showcase of over 100 brands and designers in Via Tortona. The art-innstallations was by Erika Calesini. I was there to photograph the events, detail-shots and ‘whatever I found interesting.’ That’s exactly what I did, so here’s a look at how it all was:

The Line

Last month I did a shoot with designer Jose Isaías and stylist Amanda Hörlin, featuring model Sebastian Kuhn ( on an amazing location in Milan. Take a look (click to enlarge):
Photographer: Alexander Habesland
Stylist: Amanda Hörlin
Clothing design by: Jose Isaías
Make-up/Hair: Amanda Hörlin
Model: Sebastian Kuhn (

Back to Milan

After spending my holidays in Norway it was finally time to get back to Milan! I had to return earlier than planned due to work for Swiss brand ‘Bally’ and also ‘White’ during Mens Fashion Week  (more on that later). Feels so good to be back. Even the Milanese fog was kind of welcoming.

Escape from Milan

A couple of weeks ago two friends visited me in Milan, and sure enough we also did a shooting. We took a train ride about 40 minutes outside of Milan, more or less just to see if there was something cool around to use for the shoot. We ended up in this huge field and under you can see some of the photos. I’m still going through all the material, but these I liked:

Renfang Hu – Part I

Here’s some photos I did last week with designer Renfang Hu and model Courtney B (2morrow models). The different designs were to be shot in different moods. Wednesday I’ll post the mens design shooting.
Make-up/Hair: Virginia Rizzo and assistant Nicole Krunić.
The first outfit will be a part of the Eco Fashion contest and exhibited at the Hub King’s Cross during London Design Festival.


So, I haven’t been able to blog for a week due to an angry photo library that wouldn’t cooperate with me! After  a lot of attempts to fix this mother f#$&=” I got it right and am back in business. Have some photos stored up so the blog will again be updated daily. Loves. Thought I’d start by showing a couple of pics of me and my roomate Steffen with our “Gone Fishing” sign, meaning a number of wonderful things. Can U guess some of it?

Friends, Lovers or Nothing

This week my wonderful, fabulous friend Siri has been visiting me in Milan. She has gotten first hand experience with all the wonderful mosquitos and dangerous drinks, Milanese people know which ones I’m talking about. She’s leaving tomorrow for Norway and I’m leaving for Munich, Germany (Fashion week). Gonna do a lot of pictures and show later on. Fabuloso!

Under my umbrella

Once upon a time it rained in Milan. It lasted for about 30 minutes. That was a good day.

11/08-10 UPDATE: The day after this post, and it’s a fucking rainstorm in Milan! Maybe I actually control the weather? Interesting. 

Ray of light

1st of August and we’re all a bit sleepy after last night. Milan is good today, a.k.a. you won’t die from the heat, so going out later. Steffen made trashy breakfast while the rest of the house pretended to be bears during winter.

UPDATE: The picture won the “Export of the week” at Björn Borg, check it out:

Saturday Morning

So, I fucked up my shoulder this weekend and spent most of my time in a hospital in Milan. FUN!
Therefore, writing is a bit tricky a the moment since it was my left should that took a pounding (I’m lefthanded). But feeling better and after 3-4 more days I will be back in business!
Just thought I’d show you some morning love, my friends Nadine & Steffen



I Will Survive!

Last night me and Steffen had a great night out (like we do), and between bars we found a gorgeous little fountain and went swimming (with clothes I might mention). Then we went to another place (and they actually let us in) were we got some free Tequila. It’s the perfect way to survive the heat in Milan: drinks and fountains!

Haabesland_foto 1_123 Haabesland_foto 2_124

Floor Party

Me and my fabulous model-neighbour Nadine had another little photoshoot.
It’s amazing if you get anything done in this fucking heat in Milan, mostly we drink wine and laugh a lot.

I like that last picture better in BW though. What do you think?


So this is how it looks when two drunk people – one being a fantastic model and the other a “hur bra som helst”-photographer decides to do a spontanious photo-shoot in our fabulous appartement.

Molto Caldo

And we’re off, celebrating nothing and everything in our fabulous appartement. It was especially fantastic that our neighbors across the hall turned out to be friends of ours. 
Disaronno, photo-shoots and “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Loves.
“A coo coo’s nest”, a.k.a. fabulous silver clock, and Steffen – a.k.a. coo coo. 
Around the world in one after-party:


Io Sono Alexander

So, in Milan still trying to figure out how to talk Italian, resulting in a lot of interesting food choices and “conversations”. Milan is a complete sauna these days so haven’t been able to bring myself to go out and take pictures just yet. So for now I’ll just leave you with a picture of Steffen – my roomate. One of the few people who actually sleeps as a model – a.k.a. sleep-posing.

But then he wakes up an blossoms yet again:

Milan tesoro, Milan

Yesterday we finally got an OK from the landlord, so as of July – I’ll have an apartment in Milan! 
But I can’t do Milan, and fierce apartment, without these guys:

Elin, Steffen & Sanna: Ciao roommates! Love.
Took these pictures from one of my earlier trips to Milan, of course at an after-party, which I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be having a lot of.
So now I only have to learn Italian and become a successful photographer, and then, after lunch, 
I’ll party.