That’s no Pussy

Yesterday I was carefree, dirty and a bit drunk in the park with a couple of friends. Finally – it’s summer in Norway, though it usually lasts for about two seconds. Our bodyguard happened to be Whisky, not whisky as in Jack – but this guy:

When I got back my Mac died (the huge amount of coffee that fell over/in it, might have something to do with that). 
So now – I’m fucked. 
So tonight – I’ll probably get fucked up.


Yesterday I was working, but a few of my friends stopped by – among them the beautiful Vibeke.
Here’s a picture I took of her last time we turned one beer into a whole evening of champagne, wine, beers and crashing on our friends couch. Love.
And today I was to work as well, but got sick. 
Still, I managed to take a quick trip to the park for some fresh air and found a leftover portal key to the Kingdom of Narnia: