Molto Caldo

And we’re off, celebrating nothing and everything in our fabulous appartement. It was especially fantastic that our neighbors across the hall turned out to be friends of ours. 
Disaronno, photo-shoots and “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Loves.
“A coo coo’s nest”, a.k.a. fabulous silver clock, and Steffen – a.k.a. coo coo. 
Around the world in one after-party:


Backyard Party

Yesterday was the birthday celebration for a friend of mine, so the backyard was decorated with balloons, cards, lots of fantastic barbeque food, live music, and of course – good friends.


Yesterday I was working, but a few of my friends stopped by – among them the beautiful Vibeke.
Here’s a picture I took of her last time we turned one beer into a whole evening of champagne, wine, beers and crashing on our friends couch. Love.
And today I was to work as well, but got sick. 
Still, I managed to take a quick trip to the park for some fresh air and found a leftover portal key to the Kingdom of Narnia: