Oh lordy lord, I need time to retouch

This tuesday I was  in the studio, again, and did a shoot with my fabulous make-up artist Kine who did body-paint on the model. She was completely covered in gold. But again, I need time to retouch them! Also there’s some cool studio-pictures from last week as well.

Right now I have to run out and take care of some paperwork, but thought I’d leave a little sneak-peak of the look from tuesdays shoot.

Also, as usual – I’m the testmodel

Gay without a Pearl Earring

Ok, so yesterday I had a photo-shoot, this time as the photographer. Now, these pictures aren’t done yet – but always when I do a photo-shoot in a studio, I use myself as a model for getting the right lighting.

And since I liked one of these test pictures, I put one out on Facebook.
Only, a good friend of mine – Steffen – quickly saw an odd resemblance;
“Girl with a Pearl Earring” – a 1665 painting by Johannes Vermeer.

I dunno, maybe I just need to buy some earrings.
Oh, and look out for the real photo-shoot pictures, coming soon.
My good friends Elin & Sanna (doandadore.blogspot.com) was recently in Florence where they saw this
So apparently, I’m famous :p