Sometimes, when I’m bored mostly, I’ll start going through old shoots that I’ve had. It’s fun to ‘relive’ that day but also you’ll find outtakes that you want to use after all. This is an example of this. The first 2 photos are on my website as part of my ‘personal‘ series:

But going through the photos from that day I saw this photo:
It wasn’t right for the original spread, but still, love the portrait.

Guys, girls, parc and a vent

Just another lovely sunday afternoon in the parc with friends, loves, home made pancakes, and a vent.

But there were fuckloads of mosquitos there
So we decided to move, and found a fantastic vent a.k.a. air-condition and bug-repellent!


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, part II

And what better way to finish this post, than with this picture? 


Take a Moment.

100 blogposts, fantastic!
It’s a lot of fun and it’s great to get so much nice feedback from people who’s following. 
I’m gonna keep at it and the blog will hopefully only get better and bigger. 
(If you like it, invite your friends)
Thought I’d just post as normal and show these pictures I took yesterday.

Ray of light

1st of August and we’re all a bit sleepy after last night. Milan is good today, a.k.a. you won’t die from the heat, so going out later. Steffen made trashy breakfast while the rest of the house pretended to be bears during winter.

UPDATE: The picture won the “Export of the week” at Björn Borg, check it out:

Saturday Morning

So, I fucked up my shoulder this weekend and spent most of my time in a hospital in Milan. FUN!
Therefore, writing is a bit tricky a the moment since it was my left should that took a pounding (I’m lefthanded). But feeling better and after 3-4 more days I will be back in business!
Just thought I’d show you some morning love, my friends Nadine & Steffen



I Will Survive!

Last night me and Steffen had a great night out (like we do), and between bars we found a gorgeous little fountain and went swimming (with clothes I might mention). Then we went to another place (and they actually let us in) were we got some free Tequila. It’s the perfect way to survive the heat in Milan: drinks and fountains!

Haabesland_foto 1_123 Haabesland_foto 2_124

Molto Caldo

And we’re off, celebrating nothing and everything in our fabulous appartement. It was especially fantastic that our neighbors across the hall turned out to be friends of ours. 
Disaronno, photo-shoots and “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Loves.
“A coo coo’s nest”, a.k.a. fabulous silver clock, and Steffen – a.k.a. coo coo. 
Around the world in one after-party:


Io Sono Alexander

So, in Milan still trying to figure out how to talk Italian, resulting in a lot of interesting food choices and “conversations”. Milan is a complete sauna these days so haven’t been able to bring myself to go out and take pictures just yet. So for now I’ll just leave you with a picture of Steffen – my roomate. One of the few people who actually sleeps as a model – a.k.a. sleep-posing.

But then he wakes up an blossoms yet again:

Milan tesoro, Milan

Yesterday we finally got an OK from the landlord, so as of July – I’ll have an apartment in Milan! 
But I can’t do Milan, and fierce apartment, without these guys:

Elin, Steffen & Sanna: Ciao roommates! Love.
Took these pictures from one of my earlier trips to Milan, of course at an after-party, which I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be having a lot of.
So now I only have to learn Italian and become a successful photographer, and then, after lunch, 
I’ll party.