It’s just a little touch of fate, it will be okay.

As some of you guys know my camera was stolen a few days ago. 
It’s strange, weird and not cool to be without it. After an interesting trip to the Italian police I’m still waiting for the insurance company to get going. In the meantime I have one of my best friends Chimen here, visiting me.
I’ve adopted her camera while she’s here. Loves. 
Hopefully I’ll be able to buy the new one really soon!
You’ll go and I’ll be okay,
I can dream the rest away.
It’s just a little touch of fate, it will be okay.
It sure takes its precious time, but it’s got rights and so have I.

Subway snack

Crazy times calls for no blogging, as of sunday I’ll be living in Milan. Hopefully I’ll actually be packed and ready by then. This picture was taken on my way home last week after I took some bodypaint pictures that make-up artist Kine Berg did (look out for those later).

Also, I took some more pictures this week, and I finally got my new mac – so I’m connected and all is well in the world once again, or something like that. Gonna be putting out (haha) – some more stuff later on. Cheers.


So, I’m stuck at work with a camera and a computer – but with nothing to connect them with. Therefore I thought I’d show ya a picture photographer Dag Veivåg took for the 100% exhibition in Oslo. “Men who show emotion”. This is one of the outtakes.

I love – parks

A bit misleading headline there I feel – but this is what I got from going to Frognerparken today.

Also, on my way there I found some more graffiti and tall buildings. Very urban :p

Penis Pokey!

I was recently in Milan, didn’t really learn italian, didn’t really do a lot of pictures, but – I found the greatest book ever, with a big hole in the middle. Steffen, you’re lucky I didn’t steal it sweetheart.
Here’s a few pics.

                                     Can you guess what to put where? I did, and I did. Love.

I love –

If you’re like me – in love with photography and graphic design, then you probably have a few blogs you check out on a daily basis, and chances are you already know about
But if not, check it out already! Here’s a little taste of all the loveliness you’ll find.

                                 It’s all about the outfit – a zebra is the new man-purse

Who needs Nintendo Wii anyway?
Of all the stones in all the world, I had to get the flying one. Damn.

100 %

So – as many of you (hopefully) know – the graduating class from Nordic School of Photography has an exhibition at Østbanehallen in Oslo, Norway, from the 9th ’til the 23rd of April. The entire exhibition is about psychic health and has gotten a lot of great reviews and publicity! Today I was there guarding the place and used the time to show ya a little taste. If you’re in Oslo – go check it out! If not – check out the website