An invisible weapon against financial domestic abuse



1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic abuse in the US. There is a lack of safe access to information, that can also be readily available.

An app, disquised as a common hydration app, thus allowing safe storage of information to be read whenever possible.






of all domestic violence include financial abuse. Victims are prevented from acquiring, using or maintaining financial resources. Without financial resources survivors can't just "walk away."

Financial abuse is the number one reason why survivors stay or return to an abusive relationship. Despite of this, 78% say they have not heard much about financial abuse as it relates to domestic violence.


Why an app?

Why an app?

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Go to any domestic abuse site online and they will tell you to never access their site on a shared computer, and urge you to go to a public library. This can be extremely hard for victims of abuse because often their under surveillance; tracking their time and computer usage.


How can an app help?

How can an app help?

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The key is 'plain'

Hydrate is an app designed to track your water consumption throughout the day. You add every glass of water you drink and try to reach 100%. It's a free, no-thrills designed app that doesn't invite any suspicion — or interest. That, is the purpose of 'plain.' It disquises the true nature of the app.


How does it work?

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Color palette

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Hydrate has 4 distinct colors, meant to give clear visual cues as to where you are in the app — and where you're going next. It's intentionally strong so that the user will easily navigate and remember the various sections.




➡ Touch ID

First time you log in, the app asks to connect your Touch ID. After this, only you will be able to access the app. No one else.



Quick Exit ←

Wherever you are within the app, the red bar at the top is always there — clicking it takes you to the hydration app immediately. Locking the screen will also exit the app.



➡ Search for help

You can search for shelters, hotlines, and other, local help by writing a address, zip code, or city.

Call the hotline number directly from the app — this will not be logged in your phone's call history.



Signs of abuse ←

The extent of abuse can be hard to comprehend. Many suffering from domestic abuse are not aware of all the ares where it takes place, instead focusing on the one or more areas they are aware of. Going through some of these questions will help realize the reality of the abuse.




➡ User stories

Another important feature of Hydrate are the user stories. It's important to offer positive inspiration.

Survivors of abuse talk about their stories and how they made it through, and managed to take control of their own lives and finance.



Adobe Experience demo

Try the Adobe Experience demo


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